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Suspension, Transmission & Brakes

While this portion of any vehicle (exotic & luxury) generally has a longer lifespan than others, they are one of the most important. Each are far more intricate than they may seem, and therefore will effect your vehicle’s performance, handling, and stopping ability.

  • Suspension Components
  • Transmission Types
  • Brake Components

Check Engine Warning & Diagnostics

The diagnostic part of any car engine (exotic & luxury) allows a mechanic to analyze the overall health of the engine. As with all things, maintenance is essential to make the vehicle last longer. If you see any lights come on inside the car, it is an indication to get it into a shop and have it looked at. Other factors that may indicate an engine issue are a decrease in gas mileage, stalling, idling, or even a loss of power while accelerating.

  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnostics

Engine, Coolant & A/C Systems

A vital service to perform as needed on your engine is to have it looked at regularly. Maintaining the overall health of the vehicle is beneficial to you in so many ways. When a vehicle has been well cared for, you will notice it lasts much longer. Since many engines are not properly maintained it may be more efficient to repair the engine rather than replace it. A new or used engine that has been maintained can add years to the life of a vehicle. Having to replace the whole engine could cost well over thousands of dollars.

  • Engine Components
  • Coolant & A/C Systems

Interior & Electrical Systems

There are more than 7 different types of electronic systems built into cars these days. There are electronic systems for the engine, transmission, chassis, active, driver, passenger, and entertainment systems. The need for an electronic control unit originated from the need to control the car engine through a computer system. It’s possible to have anywhere from 75 to 45 different electronic control units.

  • Interior Systems
  • Electrical Systems

Recommended Factory Maintenance

Every vehicle comes with a list of recommendations from the manufacturer. There are usually maintenance check-ups due at a certain mileage throughout the life of the vehicle. In order to get the most from your vehicle it is strongly recommended that you follow the suggestions.

  • Inspection I & II
  • Important Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance

Exhaust Systems

All cars come with a factory exhaust system. Many companies sell aftermarket exhaust system kits with easy installation packages that include all the hardware needed. Not only is an aftermarket exhaust system beneficial to increase your fuel efficiency, but it also adds some style and independence to make it more personal.

  • Exhaust Systems
  • Mufflers
  • Filters