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Check Engine Warning & Diagnostics

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can be illuminated due to many different factors. Possible issues that cause this light to come on include problems with the exhaust, emission, oil change, or even if there are gear, fuel, or air ratios that are not accurate. As you can see the light can be triggered by many reasons. If you see your check engine light come on, the first thing you may want to do is make sure your gas cap is on completely. If it is still illuminated after you will most likely want to take your vehicle to a shop and at least get a diagnostic ran so you can be sure there are no major issues going on.

Brake System & ABS Warning Light

A majority of vehicles have either one or two “Brake” lights located on their dashboard. These lights aren’t some type of symbol you have to decode like the tire pressure light because they simply say, “BRAKE.” When you turn your vehicle on, every light should initially come on, this is your cars way of giving itself a bulb check. Within a few seconds, the lights should go away, but if there’s an indication that something is wrong, the problem areas will stay lit on the dash. There are a few reasons your brake light would be on. First, your emergency brake may be on and the fix for this is to just lower the lever. Second, you may have lost pressure in the brake system. Third, you may have a leak in your hydraulic fluid, or the fluid level is low.

Battery Light

Vehicles come with a standard 12-volt battery and it powers everything that is electrical from the engine control, to the ignition, to the radio and headlights. While your vehicle is running, the battery is automatically charging because your car has a recharging system. In the instance that your battery light is lit on the dashboard that means your recharging system is failing. In the event that this is the case, the diagnosis is that you’ll probably need a new alternator belt. That is however, if the alternator hasn’t completely failed already. If you see the battery warning on your dash, take it into the shop while the car is still running, otherwise you’ll most likely need a tow.


When you initially turn on your vehicle, your dashboard should light up light a Christmas tree for a few seconds. If any of the lights remain lit, there’s most likely a malfunction within one of your vehicles many systems. In the event that your “Check Engine” light is on, a mechanic will need to run a diagnostic on your vehicle to determine where the problem is located. While it’ll most likely be in your emissions system, the diagnostic will be able to pin point the exact issue. As soon as the problem is located, the mechanic can give you a better indication of how much the repair will cost.

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