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Engine Components, Coolant & A/C Systems in Boca Raton


Engine components can be tricky, and the camshaft is no exception. Used to assist with operating the poppet valves which control the quantity and timing of vapor flow into the vehicle’s engine, the camshaft is part of a rotating wheel that delivers timed pulses to a steam hammer. It’s essentially a device that rotates in an oscillating motion. This motion of the engine translates into the motion necessary for the intake and exhaust valves of the cylinder to operate.

Cylinder Head

Within an internal combustion engine, you’ll find that the cylinder head sits right above the cylinders which are above the cylinder block. Ultimately forming a combustion chamber, the cylinder head closes the top of the cylinder which is sealed using a head gasket. In order to let the exhaust exit the vehicle without entering the cabin, the cylinder head provides the space for the air and fuel to be fed into the cylinder. If you are looking to mount spark plugs, fuel injectors, or valves, which can also be done on the cylinder head.

Engine Block

As the powerhouse of the vehicle, the engine block is the linchpin for vehicles that run solely on internal combustion. It’s referred to by mechanics as a “block” because it’s a solid piece of cast iron. You’ll find your cylinders inside the engine block which houses them in a cool and lubricated casing. It’s an extremely sturdy and strong vehicle part because if this part fails, the car fails. There are a number of different channels within the engine block, all of which prevent your vehicle from overheating. If you run into an issue with your engine block, your vehicle won’t run unless it’s repaired or replaced.


Located in the ignition system, the distributor is a device that allows your spark plugs and ignition coil to fire off in the correct order. It looks like a rotating arm within the rotor which is located inside the distributor cap. Driven by a gear on the camshaft, the distributor causes high voltage to be sent into the engines ignition coil. It houses a centrifugal unit that is a set of weights that are hinged to the distributor’s shaft. On distributors that are used on an electronic fueled injected engine, the timing advance is typically controlled by the engine’s computer system. This allows for much more accurate control over the systems ignition timing.

Coolant & A/C Systems


The coolant flows within the engine via the water pump. What this does is send any coolant that is hot to the radiator which then cools it off. When your AC system is on, the coolant or “refrigerant” is sucked into the inlet of the compressor where it reaches very hot temperatures, as it moves through the compressor, it’s pushed through the outlet and into the condenser which is where it cools down, giving you that nice cool breeze.


Without the compressor, your vehicle would not be able to properly circulate refrigerant under the intense pressure. By concentrating the heat your vehicle produces, many assume the compressor creates cool air, but that’s not the case – it’s actually creating heat. The compressor has two parts, the inlet and the outlet. When your air conditioning system is on, the refrigerant is expelled into the compressor which then compresses it through the outlet leading into the condenser.


Once the coolant in your AC system passes through the compressor, it’s expelled into the condenser which is the part that gives you that cool air flow. The air that blows across the condenser is what cools the coolant. If your condenser is malfunctioning, the easiest way to tell is if you turn your air conditioning on and it either takes far too long for the air to get cool, or it doesn’t get colder at all. Instead, you’re just having hot air blown on your face.

Axle / CV Joint Repair (FWD)

What these components do is work together using refrigerant, Freon, and some hoses to generate cool air inside the vehicle. Your A/C is generated from hot gases initially. Most likely if your A/C is not icy cool like you want, you may be low on Freon and will need a professional to help you with that as it is a dangerous chemical.

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