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What Is the Typical Cost of A Car Engine Replacement?

No one wants to have to deal with a failing part or component on their vehicle. However, there is no break or malfunction that is worse than the engine going out. You may blow a gasket, smash the front portion of the vehicle or even set the whole thing on fire – regardless of the car, when the engine is affected, the entire vehicle is not able to be used.

Now that you have this vehicle that doesn’t work, it is time to make a decision. Do you scrap it and buy something new, or do you shell out the funds to repair the engine? The first thing to do, is find out how much this engine repair or replacement will cost. This will help you make an educated decision regarding what to do.

Factors Affecting Engine Repair and Replacement Cost

There are a large number of factors that must be considered when thinking about engine replacement. The things you have to figure out to get car restoration include:

  • Is your engine a short or long block, or complete engine?
  • What type of engine do you have?
  • Where do you plan to purchase the new engine?

Brand new engines directly from the manufacturer are going to cost much more than engines from the salvage yard or that have been remanufactured. In other words, luxury car repairs are going to be the most pricey!

Costs Associated with a Basic Engine

If you are replacing a complete engine, then this will include everything that the vehicle needs to run – including the electronic components, sensors and accessories.

Long block replacements is the whole engine, without the manifolds, electrical equipment and accessories.

Short blocks are considered to be the long-block engines without the heads or cylinder heads. In most cases, this repair will go for under $1,000, but other factors still have to be considered.

Labor Costs

In addition to the actual part that you need, you will also have to pay for labor. In many cases, this will be just as much as the actual engine. If you have the ability to replace the engine on your own, this is highly recommended, since most garages charge more than $75 per hour.

Take some time to consider all the factors, which will help you determine if repairing or replacing the engine is really worth it. If you have an older vehicle, it may make more sense just to junk it and purchase a new or used vehicle.