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Tips For Restoring A Classic Vehicle

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At Boca Autohaus, we know all about classic vehicle restoration, and we know how certain auto body shops will rip you off in terms of what the real costs of certain parts are. When someone invests in a classic car that they want to restore, they want to get their hands dirty and take part in the project. There’s a different feeling of accomplishment that comes along with restoring a car back to what it once was, if not better.

One in eight vehicle owners throughout the United States own a classic vehicle. As the years go by, more and more models are being declared as classics, making that an extremely believable statistic. However, before you venture off and throw whatever amount of money at your classic childhood dream car, there are a few tips we have to give you to make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the long run.

4 Tips for Classic Car Restoration
1. Don’t trust a for sale photo. Chances are that you’re most likely going to begin your search for your classic dream car online. Well, in photos, they may seem well restored in their online photos, but just like a dating site, you can’t judge a book by its cover. You need to flip the pages and see what’s really going on within the text. If you have a restoration mechanic who is willing to check out the vehicle before you make your purchase, take advantage of their services.
2. Don’t invest in something that’s been restored. Your dream car will mostly likely have been restored before. However, even if that’s true, you should turn away immediately. If it was restored at LEAST five years ago, you’ll be investing in a solid vehicle. You don’t want to invest in a rust bucket that won’t give you the payoff you desired.
3. Do your research. Before you go looking around for your classic vehicle that you want to restore, investigate the average prices of parts that commonly need to be replaced within that specific model. There’s infinite car knowledge on the internet, and you should take advantage of it.
4. Check your insurance. For some people, their insurance won’t cover the proper coverage for a restored vehicle. There’s the chance that you’ll have to find a speciality insurance policy that covers antique vehicles. Trust us, this will really benefit you in the long run as we all know how much the standard car insurance throws us for a loop.

Need Help Restoring a Classic Vehicle?
At Boca Autohaus, we’re all about customizing and restoring any type of vehicle. In terms of cars, there is always room for improvement, and improving those cars is a real hobby of ours. Classic cars are driving all over the streets of South Florida, and if yours is in need of a repair by experienced auto body mechanics, bring it into our Boca Raton shop.