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Boca Raton Exotic Car Repair

Super-Hydrophobic Paint ss the Car Coating of the Future

A super hydrophobic coating is a nanoscopic (very small) layer that can repel water and other liquids. It can be made from several materials including silica, carbon, and others. The silica paints are the leat expensive to use. They are gel based and can be applied by either dripping the paint on the surface or distributed by an aerosol spray. These paints can be used in cars to make the coating stronger and more protective and can be used in vehicle windshields to prevent rain from clinging to the glass. They can also make it easier to remove salt from the paint.

Benefits of Superhydrophobic Paints

Superhydrophobic technology is the best thing out there in waterproof paints. The water beads and is repelled when it hits the paint,  never even touching the surface. It is a one-step application and is much easier to apply than other paints.

The superhydrophobic paint can also protect your car from ice by preventing it from sticking to your windshield in the winter. The hydro beads also limit the rust that can form on your car. These beads can stop rust and corrosion which will make your car look new longer.  This type of paint is self-cleaning.

Superhydrophobic paints are the newest innovation in paint technology and are a great painting method to invest in.