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Should I Buy a Luxury Car?

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So you stumbled upon this site wondering if your idea of buying a luxury car would be a smart idea or not. We are going to break it down for you. Luxury automakers have an extensive history of solid engineering, performance and brand cachet; all of these inviting benefits make potential consumers water at their mouths. On the other hand not many people have the necessary funds required to possess such a vehicle.

We will breakdown the purchase decision and give you the pros and cons of buying a luxury or exotic sports vehicle.


Pros of buying a luxury car

Safety: Luxury cars are usually and more often than not known to be safer than their cheaper counterparts. Luxury cars tend to offer more safety features than their non-deluxe alternatives including standard stability control, traction control, anti-lock braking systems, side front airbags, and curtain airbags. According to Consumer Reports 44% of the vehicles chosen as top safety picks have an estimated base price higher than $30,000.

Looking like a Boss: What better way to pull up to Boca Palace Theatres in a Ferrari F-50 or a fully loaded 2015 BMW M5. The Prestige and respect exotic and luxury cars demand are unprecedented.

Performance: When it comes to luxury vehicles, power and performance is king. Even the stock luxury vehicles come with plenty of Horsepower.  The 2015 BMW 5 series introduces its first model at a nice and cool 240 horsepower. On the the higher end it goes to a whopping 445 horsepower; we weren’t even talking about the M3 or M5!

Consistent Quality: When you hear the European brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini you are not only buying a expensive vehicle, you are buying a brand with generations of satisfied customers. When you go for the quality brands you know you are going to get your money’s worth.


Cons of buying a luxury car

Do not have the funds: This is a big con to anyone thinking of purchasing a luxury vehicle. The insurance and repair rates on luxury vehicles are significantly higher. If you are currently in this boat don’t let the high prices of a luxury vehicle deter you! Just look at it as motivation and inspiration to get to where you want to be so that you can afford your dream car!

Travel further to get repairs done: This one is obvious! Luxury auto repair is very expensive! Anyone that has ever owned a luxury car knows that it requires a special mechanic knowledgeable in working on luxury vehicles. You can’t just go to your mechanic Billy-Bob down the street, you are going to have to find a place that knows what they are doing!


Hopefully this article gave you some ideas on whether or not you should purchase a luxury vehicle and brought you closer to your decision!