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Boca Raton Exotic Car Repair

Restoring Your Vehicle For Resale


As we’ve highlighted in previous posts, a car can be a great investment that can end up making you a lot of money.  That is, if it’s in good condition.  Restoring your car before sale increases its value exponentially, and potential buyers will be pleasantly surprised that there is little to no work left for them to do before driving.  That being said, don’t do the bare minimum when it comes to an auto restoration.  Yes, the engine, transmission, and general functions of the car need to be in order, but what about a new radio?  Working air conditioning?  These little details can be the difference between making good money on a car sale and wasting resources.

The Right Parts

If you’re trying to restore a foreign or luxury car that may have parts that are difficult to find, it’s important to go to an auto house that has the ability to order the parts that you need.  Boca Autohaus has been in the business of restoring foreign and luxury vehicles for decades, so we know just where to get the parts you need for your auto restoration job.


Though the most important part of selling someone a car is guaranteeing them that it works, it doesn’t hurt to provide potential buyers with amenities.  A good stereo system, an accurate built-in GPS, and rear-view cameras can all be installed in your vehicle in an attempt to make its purchase that much more appealing.  When restoring your foreign or luxury car, consider giving it some improvements.  However, be wary of doing this in rare cars as collectors will most likely want the car to appear how it would had it never been owned before.  For best resale value, try to keep rare cars in mint condition.

Safety Features

If you’re potentially looking to sell your car to families, then installing added safety features is almost never a bad idea.  Not only can you provide the new owners with a clean bill of health for the car to ensure that nothing major will go wrong that could put them in danger, you can also advertise that you made the car even safer by perhaps inputting more airbags, thicker windshield glass, and things of the like.

If you’re thinking about restoring your vehicle to be resold in the Boca Raton area, contact Boca Autohaus for a consultation today!