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Luxury Car Manufacturing & The First Maserati SUV

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Later this month, Maserati’s first-ever SUV will be making its U.S. debut at a show in New York City. This is exciting news for luxury car lovers who are needing more spacious options. Maserati is known for its elegance and speed, qualities that will no doubt be carried over to the Levante. It made its European debut at a Geneva show in early March.

The Levante can actually trace its roots back to a Maserati show car called the Kubang. Maserati is following a trend of several luxury automakers that have begun manufacturing SUVs to meet the high demand of car owners to own car with off-road capabilities and room for more passengers. Porsche, BMW, and Land Rover have been pushing the trend for some time, and luxury car buyers are excited that Maserati is getting into the SUV side of luxury car manufacturing.

The Maserati of SUVs is Here

Maserati’s website defines Levante as “a warm, Mediterranean wind that can change from gentle to gale force strength in an instant.” The specifications shown online are for the European car buyer, so the debut of the Levante in New York could be to give potential U.S. car buyers an idea of what they would be getting with the luxury SUV.

Maserati Hoping to Boost Sales

Apparently Maserati was somewhat disappointed by their sales the last year. The powerful SUV is designed by Maserati to hopefully increase the sale of their cars to 50,000 this coming year.

Exciting News for Luxury Car Lovers

Those who are passionate about luxury cars are no doubt thrilled with the news of Maserati’s latest release. Riding up and down A1A in South Florida is exciting in any of the European luxury cars on the market, and before too long Floridians should be able to spot the Levante cruising up and down the sunny highways of the sunshine state.

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