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Luxury Car Maintenance Tips

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Luxury car maintenance is expensive because the parts are usually less common and more skill is required to complete the work. Regularly maintaining a luxury vehicle can help eliminate surprise repair costs and avoid inconveniences. Dealerships can be a hassle and overpriced. Often, there are repair shops that specialize in luxury vehicles.


Driving and Parking

The owner’s manual usually has a maintenance schedule for the vehicle. Most people ignore it, but to avoid getting one big maintenance bill in addition to a repair bill after the car won’t start one morning, it’s a good idea to at least try to follow the manual.

The four most important maintenance items are generally considered to be tires, oil, belts, and brakes. These can be pricey replacements, but they can help prevent engine seizures, blowouts, and crashes.

It’s pretty easy to tell when one of the four maintenance items needs attention. The tread on the tires is worn off, the oil is dirty or the belts and breaks squeak. Ignoring these warnings will only lead to higher costs.

A driver can get more wear out his vehicle by driving cautiously. That means slowing down for speed bumps and avoiding hard braking. Rotating the tires and keeping the pressure at the proper level can also extend the life of the tires. After tire replacement, brake pads are the next highest-cost maintenance item.


Interior Upkeep

Maintaining the passenger compartment can be easy and fast or complicated and time-consuming. Eating and drinking in the vehicle will make cleaning a more frequent necessity. Aside from vacuuming and dusting, it’s good to use the right products for leather and wood.

Detailing services are very common nowadays, so lack of time is no excuse for a luxury vehicle owner. A little steam cleaning once a year can make a big difference.


Exterior Defense

This kind of goes with driving and parking. The more careful a vehicle owner is about avoiding scratches and dents the more money he will save on repairs. Washing and waxing the paint regularly is a must to keep any luxury car looking good. Avoid parking in the sun or under a tree. A garage is best.

When scratches and dents inevitably occur, it is best to repair them quickly. Don’t give rust time to spread. Driving around in a Mercedes-Maybach that has a dented fender is just tacky. Regular luxury car maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle and keep your reliable for years to come.