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How To Pick The Right Luxury Vehicle

luxury vehicle

There’s nothing like investing in your first luxury car, whether it be an SUV, sedan, or sports car, they all make you deserve a pat on the back. When you get that first luxury car, going back to a mainstream model can feel like a real downgrade, especially when you’ve been driving a vehicle that’s so enjoyable and comfortable. However with that being said, choosing the right luxury car can be an overwhelming experience because there are so many different brands, models, and specs to choose from.

What Defines a Luxury Vehicle?

There are a few key elements that assist in defining a car as a luxury vehicle. For basically every luxury vehicle, they feature the latest in plush interior and available technology. They have the job of representing the leading edge of performance, comfort, technology, and safety, and many of them have a far more innate quality that goes well beyond the standard leather and wood trim.

The materials within a luxury vehicle are of a higher grade than those of which are mainstream such as:

  • Plush Carpeting
  • Rich Interior Fabric
  • Quiet Cabins
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Advanced Audio Systems
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • All-Wheel Drive

Now, the thing with luxury vehicles is the pricing. The pricing for these cars is all over the place, some of which run in the high $30,000’s (Audi A3, Acura ILX, Mercedes Benz CLA, etc), and others that are more in the $200,000 range (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, etc). The entry level cars will usually stay under $70,000, whereas the mediums won’t go over $90,000.

Functionality Over Practicality

While luxury vehicles come with all types of bells and whistles, some of them actually add more complication than functionality. While you may think it’s great that your potential luxury vehicle has warning systems for lane departure, cross traffic, and cruise control, they’re not exactly fool proof and you shouldn’t solely rely on them.

You’ll also want a luxury car that’s practical for your needs, so if you have kids that you have to drive around, it may not be time to get the Ferrari just yet, but rather a Mercedes SUV perhaps. Once you pick the brand you want, a car dealership should be able to guide you in a better direction for your needs, but when you go shopping for that car, go in with a goal in mind and don’t let them upsell you with things you don’t need. Any additional specs can always be added to a car by a team of mechanics who specialize in customizing luxury vehicles, like us at Boca Autohaus.