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Flashback to a Decade: Trending Cars in 2005

Current car trends are always changing. The market changes each year to accommodate new trends and wanted features. In 2015, cars have built-in wifi, GPS systems, and back-up cameras. This technology wasn’t around even 10 years ago. With this flashback to a decade, you can take a look at the trending cars in 2005.

Toyota Camry

Toyota made it big that year. Their Camry was one of the more popular vehicle options. Numerous trim choices were available, allowing up to 34 miles-per-gallon on the highway. Its leather interior, CD player, and power windows made it an ideal choice for drivers.

Dodge Ram

Dodge provided a top-selling truck in 2005. With up to 21mpg, it still offered a valid option for driving. The regular cab and quad cab were both possible options for the body style. This truck offered a lot of horsepower and had a large towing capacity at over 3,000 pounds, and up to 4,950. This pickup truck was seen all over the place.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord was another popular choice in 2005. This 4-door option worked well if you wanted to save on gas. It offered up to a 34 mile-per-gallon reading for highway driving in the coupe style, and an even higher reading in the sedan.

Nissan Altima

Nissan offered the Altima, a Sedan-style car with 4 doors. You could choose either a manual or automatic style. 29 miles-per-gallon were expected during highway driving, with a 20-gallon capacity tank. It provided 5 seats for a driver and passengers.

Chevrolet Impala

The Impala was an extremely popular vehicle in 2005, made by Chevrolet. It offered a similar gas mileage rating to the Altima, and had a high safety rating. This 4-door car went above and beyond other vehicle choices, as it offered 6 seats instead of 5.

Ford Taurus

Ford founded a versatile car when they offered the Taurus. You could buy this car in either of the 2 styles. Some chose the typical sedan style. Others chose the wagon. Both options offered a decent gas mileage with up to 25mpg. It also offered 6 seats, like the Impala, ensuring more people could comfortably fit inside.

Search the streets for these 2005 cars and you will still find many of them on the road today. 10 years later, many of these trending vehicles are still popular driving options. With their good gas mileage, it makes them popular options for today’s economy.