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Exotic cars and the best coffee are a match made in heaven for

Exotic cards and coffee are a match made in heaven

The saga of cars and coffee isn’t as extraneous as you may think. It’s an intimate affair between the two most loved and addictive things on the planet. The craze for supercars is not much different from the craze for high-quality coffee.

People have a great deal of obsession for both of them. The taste for each defines an individual. For example, strong black coffee and creamy caramel coffee are two completely different personalities. And they may also have some inclination for completely different cars like a Honda CR-V and an SUV respectively.

It tells us they do share some common grounds. But you can’t deny how satisfying it is to hop in your dream car and speed off, sipping some warm coffee. You might just zone out for a while.

Have you ever wondered you might already be in the habit of having your morning coffee in that fashion? Here’s a usual scenario.

Some of us have face quite the struggle waking up early in the morning. A good thirty minutes or even more is spent rolling on the bed left and right before finally managing to drag the body out to start the day.

Before we know it, it’s already late! To make up for the lost time hustling, one might skip the essentials like taking a shower or having breakfast. But there is one thing that’s absolutely necessary to make sure you don’t show up with a tired face for work. It is to grab a cup of Split Rock Coffee on the driveway or carry one already prepared at home.

And that’s how your first coffee of the day ends up being relished on the move rather than a corner in your kitchen.

This small idea has inspired the creative minds of the world to merge their passions to celebrate both cars and coffees together in unique ways. You will see how.

The cars and coffee connection is pretty old

Cars Events

The way caffeine kickstarts our brain to be active and show our true personality is the same thing that fuel does to a car. This is the idea that inspires the major car events around the world. Cars and Coffee is a monthly or weekly automotive event that is hosted globally from Croatia, Singapore, Sydney, France, and Italy to Los Angeles, and many places throughout the U.S. It is a place for connecting with other car enthusiasts and showcasing the coolest cars that ever hit the road.

What does it have to do with coffee? Just like how we casually meet up with friends for coffee and discuss things that matter the most to us or things we are passionate about, Cars and Coffee does the same for car enthusiasts.

People stay here for hours enjoying the view of supercars and hang out. It’s a fun-filled casual meet and greets event meant for the common masses mainly.

Web Shows and Coffee Roasters Near You.

Do you remember the time when Barack Obama was driving around a Corvette Sting Ray with Jerry Pulls showing his cool president moves? It’s from a chat show with comedians that was entirely based on the love for automobiles and having a conversation over coffee.

This unique show was a creation of Jerry Seinfeld. The guests are invited to take a drive in the cars that specifically match their personalities and then end up in a cafe to enjoy their other favorite thing, coffee. It was a popular show that ran for 10 seasons because people loved the concept of driving exotic cars with coffee.

If you want to have anything close to that in your life, it is indeed possible. Coffee is as much adored as cars by most automobile lovers.

There are plenty of automobile-themed cafes all over the States where you can rent a beautiful car from their collection and take it for a drive with your shot of hot espresso made of Split Rock Coffee Beans.

Or, you can visit a high-end car showroom and enjoy being their guest. These showrooms are not only to inspect and purchase four-wheelers but they also enhance customer experience by serving them the finest quality coffee drinks. Most of which happens to be Split Rock Coffee but nothing less than premium. You can assume it’s their way of retaining customers, luring them with amazing coffee.

If these options are already there, why not alleviate your experience in your beloved car?

Drinking fine-quality aromatic coffee while driving will boost your senses and make you feel happy and energetic. The magic lies in every sip. So, take the time to savor it until you reach your destination.But for that, consider upgrading from your usual coffee.

Switch from your ordinary coffee

Coffee brings a lot of health benefits when consumed in moderate amounts. But you can’t reap those benefits if your coffee isn’t original. Ordinary ones from local supermarkets do not give you the kind of experience which you will get from a rich, premium coffee like Split Rock Coffee.

If you really want to upgrade your taste or impress your guests, it’s time that you switch from your regular grocery store-bought coffee to Split Rock Coffee.

What makes it so different?

Minnesota’s Best Quality Coffee Beans & Grounds

The beans are chosen from the best ones grown in South America, Central America, Indonesia, and Africa.

The Amazing Roast Profile

The dark, medium, and light roasts are done at the exact temperature to balance the rich flavors of sweet fruitiness, acidity, bitterness, and earthiness. None of them overpowers the others.

Organically Grown

The best thing about Split Rock Coffee is that no chemicals (like pesticides) are used to grow healthy coffee plants. Rest assured; this coffee is not bringing in any toxic element into your body. Split Rock Coffee is healthier than most other brands.

Eco-friendly Packaging

100% biodegradable packaging gives it an edge over other coffee brands. You won’t be contributing to pollution. Shall we call it a no-guilt pleasure? Sustainability and eco-friendliness are the need of the hour, and we do our part pretty well.

If you want some sophistication in your life, you don’t just need to have a classy car like a Porsche but also choose a classy coffee blend from the finest brewers like Split Rock Coffee.