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Where to Buy Your European Luxury Car

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A luxury car is an investment–and an expensive one at that.  Buying your luxury car from the right place is the first step in ensuring that you’re getting a beautiful product for an affordable cost, so how do you know where to buy them?  Most people are aware of the basics of car buying, i.e. that guy at the used car lot is probably trying to unload his stock, not introduce you to your dream vehicle. But what, if any, of those old tropes are useful in buying a luxury car?  Is a dealer, private seller, or straight from the manufacturer your best bet?  If you’re buying a European luxury car, then, not surprisingly, buying from Europe is a great way to go.  Boca Autohaus is here to tell you why.


If you can afford to buy a brand new car, then buying straight from the source is definitely your best option.  Most, if not all, luxury car brands provide some sort of warranty when you buy a car directly from them, meaning that if you start having problems from the outset, that’s on Porsche, not on you.  Besides the cost of maintenance, the base price of the car will most likely be lower if you buy it overseas, as many retailers give deals when you buy straight from them.  A quality company like Mercedes takes down about 7% from the price that they recommend retailers sell at if you buy directly from them, and same goes for BMW and countless others.


If you can afford to make the trip, buying your car directly from the European manufacturer means going to their factory, and for some luxury car super-fans, a tour of the factory is the cherry on top.  If you’re really lucky, and time your tour just right, you could see your very car being assembled right before your eyes.  It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

When deciding what brand of car you want, it might be worth it to decide what country you’d most like to visit.  Buying straight from the European manufacturer is such a great option because they have the resources to treat you well.  Volvo, for example, will provide you with a pair of free round-trip plane tickets if you go directly to them to buy your vehicle.  Besides just choosing the car that is reliable and right for you, think about how you can get the most for your money in terms of perks like factory tours and mini-vacations.  Once you have it back in the States, Boca Autohaus has got you covered for all of your luxury car needs.