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Why you should wait to buy an electric vehicle until 2021

You want to buy a new car but because of the recent emissions scandals you do not know what to choose? Below we explain why you better postpone the purchase until 2021.

Buying a new car takes a serious bite out of the budget for most families. Maintenance costs and taxes also increase considerably over the life of the car. That’s why you choose the right car, but because of the rapidly changing environmental standards it’s hard to find it right now.

Gasoline, natural gas and hybrids are now being touted as environmentally friendly alternatives to diesel, but in the longer term only electric cars (and possibly hydrogen cars, if ever …) make it. However, the electrical supply still has limitations, but that will soon change. If your current car can stretch it for a while, then here are three reasons why you better wait until 2021 to buy a new (electric) car.

Supply electric cars multiply five-fold in 2021

It is no coincidence that almost all major car companies announce that they will only launch their first electric car in 2020. After all, in 2020 the European emission standards will become more stringent: from then on, a car can emit only 95 g / km of CO2 on average, instead of 130 g / km today. In order to reduce the average of their fleet, manufacturers will have to sell a lot of electric cars, because they will produce zero emissions.

electric cars in 2021

Thanks to creative lobbying, car manufacturers have succeeded in obtaining transitional measures, so that the new requirements only become effective in 2021. As a result, we will see a flood of electric models appear by 2021. Research firms across the globe predict that the electrical supply will increase five-fold, from 20 models today to 100 models in 2021. Until then, the car manufacturers still want to wear as many old petrol and diesel models as possible in order to optimize their profit.

Electric cars become cheaper in 2021

Most current are more expensive than their petrol-fueled equivalents, but the price difference will be smaller in 2021. On the one hand because manufacturers will have to sell a lot of EVs due to the new CO2 standards, and will therefore have to place attractively priced models in the showrooms. On the other hand, because batteries, the most expensive component of an electric car, are getting cheaper.

Hopelessly outdated

Almost every non-electric car you buy today will be out of date in 2021 as far as environmental standards are concerned. Such cars will undoubtedly be targeted for tax increases. If you want to do with your car for about 10 years, that is not fun. Even if you want to get rid of him after 3 to 4 years, that becomes a problem. The resale value for “polluting” cars will drop drastically, just as in recent years with diesel cars has happened.

If you want to buy a new car that is prepared for the future, it can be better to be electric. However, if you do not find your way in the current offer, or do not have the budget, then you better wait until 2021. From then on the choice will increase and the prices will become more competitive. If you want to drive electrically already, then you should of course just do that! If you do decide to hold out a bit longer and would like to keep your luxury, electric or exotic in the best shape, call Boca Autohaus today!